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Winter Melon (冬瓜) Seeds

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Benincasa hispida

Also known as ash gourd, wax gourd, dong gua, Chinese preserving Melon, ash melon, winter gourd


These winter melon seeds were saved from my best fruit of the season.

Winter melon grows as a vine and this variety will happily climb up a trellis like an arch. While the fruits can reach up to 7kg, I haven’t had to do anything to support the fruit when grown vertically - they support themselves with their hardy stems. I find this variety grows around 3-4 fruits per plant.

Winter melon is usually ready at the end of the summer season. They can be stored for a few months through til winter. I like to use mine cubed in soups and curries. They can also be turned into a sweet winter melon tea. Extra portions can be frozen and used later.


10 seeds hand-saved from my Naarm/Melbourne garden.

Plant type: warm season annual

Plant family: cucurbit family

Plant size: spreading vines up to 4m long

Sun: Full sun


When to sow: early spring, transplant after last frost

Heat mat? Recommended for cool climates