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Long Bean (climbing) - Thai Purple Podded (长豇豆) seeds

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Also known as Chinese long bean, snake bean, yard bean, yard long bean, asparagus bean


This is a climbing variety of long beans, with vines up to 2-3m tall. The beans are red outside, with red inside (when mature). Beans grow up to 60-70cm in length and have a distinct nutty flavour – what I love most about long beans. They’re a very prolific variety and you only need a handful of beans for a serve, since they’re so long.


20 seeds hand-saved from my garden to yours.


Plant type: warm season annual

Plant family: Legume family

Plant size: climbing vines up to 2-3m tall

Sun: Full sun


When to sow: Best sown direct, as beans prefer not to be transplanted. In cooler climates, it’s best so sow when the soil has started to warm up (in Melbourne I recommend sowing early November).