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Eggplant – Ping Tung Long (茄子) seeds

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Solanum melongena

Also known as brinjal 


One of my favourite, most versatile eggplants in the garden is the Ping Tung Long variety. They are a popular purple Asian eggplant variety with long, slim fruit. I find them very prolific in my garden, giving plenty of fruit throughout the warm season. They're tender and absolutely delicious when steamed and drizzled with sauce.


30 seeds hand-saved from my garden to yours.


Plant type: warm season perennial (annual in cooler climates unless you overwinter them)

Plant family: Nightshade family

Plant size: small bushes around 60x60cm in size

Sun: Full sun


When to sow: early spring, transplant after last frost

Heat mat? Recommended for cool climates