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Chilli - Chao Tian Jiao II / Heaven Facing (辣椒) seeds

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This is another variety of Chao Tian Jiao chilli – it seems like there’s more than one plant that goes under this name, so please check the photos to confirm which one you want  

This one is also a very prolific variety, however the chillies are smaller (around 4-5cm in length), more fleshy/juicy with a glossier skin. The plant is also a shorter plant, reaching around 50cm tall and tends to form a nice, roundish shape. My potted plants have given me 100+ chillies per plant. 

Harvested chillies can be frozen to use later, or alternatively dehydrated and stored in the pantry. Medium heat.


15 seeds hand-saved from my garden to yours.


Plant type: warm season perennial (annual in cool climates, unless overwintered)

Plant family: Nightshade family

Plant size: bushy plants around 50cm tall


Sun: Full sun


When to sow: early spring, transplant after last frost

Heat mat? Recommended for cool climates